Academic ghostwriters – buying titles or legal job texts?

What is a ghostwriter?

Often the term academic ghostwriter is used in connection with dubious methods to buy an academic title. Especially in recent times, in which prominent politicians are debunked in their dissertations written off or even ghostwriters under contract, the term ghostwriter has been charged with a negative image. In public, the term “ghostwriter” is increasingly associated with the topic “buying titles”. Buying a title is also not allowed in Germany. The misconception that titles can be bought on the ghostwriter market is therefore quickly exhausted. So ghostwriters do not trade academic titles, but form their own market with actors who have nothing to do with the illegal acquisition of titles.

The definition of a ghostwriter rather aims to create professional texts for their clients, without the author being called. The term “text” is very broad. Amongst the official texts of a ghostwriter are speeches, poems, love letters, guides, reports, translations, letters of recommendation, letters of application, lectures, technical articles, non-fiction and reference books, reference works, written statements, commentaries, biographies, film scripts, academic texts and expert reports. In essence, ghostwriting is about everything that can be put on paper or on the computer. This makes a ghostwriter a competent help in the business, when important briefs must be written and the staff resources are scarce. However, the examples also make it clear that ghostwriters are the ideal helpers in the private sector. Especially for people who are looking for support in dealing with complex and well-structured texts.

In addition to the general ghostwriting, there is the academic ghostwriting, which is characterized by the fact that academics write academic texts for academics. The term of the academic ghostwriter was Franke used it for the first time in the early 90s to create a succinct and succinct formulation for the very special scientific ghostwriter market. Today, this term is used by many ghostwriters as a synonym for scientific order writing. Now, in academic ghostwriting, a distinction must be made between permissible and inadmissible texts. It goes without saying that the writing of examination papers is inadmissible. However, there is also a wide range of permitted activities for academic ghostwriters, such as: For example, writing lecture scripts for private universities or scientific books, journal journals or scientific publications for companies.

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